Monday, October 26, 2009

Napoleon's Revenge?

OK, I’m not this clumsy...or that tall (six feet).  A couple of days in Montpellier and I keep hitting my head on things. There’s a ceiling light fixture in the middle of the living room of the apartment, about 4 inches too low for my head. After whacking my head against it a couple of times first thing in the morning, I’ve removed the bottom third of the fixture. I’ve also had to learn to duck through doorways of stores. Our apartment building has balconies that jut over the sidewalk at the front and yes, the base of these first floor balconies are about 5 ¾ feet above the sidewalk. No real damage so far but I feel hunched over. Hmmm, Quasimodo was French wasn’t he?

Our first trip to the beach. Intensely blue sky, 27 degrees, no wind. We’re only a 15-minute drive from the Mediterranean so this will be a regular place to visit if the weather holds up. The Mediterranean is almost completely enclosed by land and, with the intense sunshine, the water evaporates quickly. With the evaporation comes a higher salt level and buoyancy. You just lean back and float. With that, plus the lack of tides, swimming seems effortless.

Like wine, my skin comes in three colours: white, rosé, or red. So, with the intense sun, I make sure I slap on the SPF 5000.

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