Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Steamed Halibut with Fresh Ginger & Vouvray

I went in a Chinese direction for dinner a few nights ago: Steamed Halibut with Fresh Ginger, the recipe courtesy of Nancie McDermott. If you’ve the right equipment for steaming, as we do, this dish is easy to prepare. Halibut has a delicate flavour, so the fresh ginger, green onions, and sesame are the dominant flavours. Although the recipe calls for 10 minutes of steaming, it’s easy to overcook the fish, so next time I’d remove the fish from the heat completely when the steaming is finished and you’re preparing the finishing touches. Served five-spice rice and stir-fried baby bok choy as side dishes.

For the wine, I avoided the somewhat obvious choice (gewürztraminer) and went with BOUGRIER VOUVRAY 2008, AOC Vouvray, France; 11.5% ABV. It’s an off-dry Chenin Blanc with good, crisp acidity. Aromas of peach, citrus, pear, and red apple as well as floral notes. Red apple and grapey flavours on the palate. Light-bodied, good balance and moderate finish. An above-average match with the food; worked great with the ginger and sesame flavours in this light-bodied dish. I think that an Alsatian Muscat could also work here.

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