Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Recently Tasted

SURANI PIETRARICCIA FIANO 2008, Puglia (Italy); #159582; Price: $16.95; 13.5% ABV
Aromas of red apple, white peach, citrus, and floral, with the apple and peach persisting on the palate. Medium-bodied with crisp acidity. Moderate length and well-balanced. Good value.

QUINTA DO INFANTADO RED 2007, DOC Douro (Portugal); # 95158; Price: $23.95; 13.5% ABV
Another example of a Douro table wine that mimics the nose and flavours of a port. Purple colour, aromas of plum, cherry, liquorice, and chocolate, which all show up in the flavours as well. Medium-bodied; this is a good change in a Douro red. Soft tannins, good acidity, and a moderately long finish. A winner.

CANTINA TOLLO ALDIANO TREBBIANO D'ABRUZZO 2008, Abruzzo (Italy); #134502; Price: $14.95; 13.5% ABV
Here’s Trebbiano, the Italian blending workhorse, on its own. Slightly fizzy appearance, lots of citrus (lime and grapefruit) on the nose, with hints of tree fruit and almond. Medium acidity with citrus flavours continuing through the moderate-length finish. Fresh with a medium body and good balance.

MISSION HILL SAUVIGNON BLANC VQA FIVE VINEYARDS 2007, British Columbia; #145086; Price: $14.95; 14.0% ABV
Atypical. Tree fruit (apricot, pear, mango), almond, spice, even a bit of honey and caramel on the nose. Somewhat light on the acidity for SB. Apricot and quince flavours, with a slightly bitter almond flavour on the finish. Full bodied with a round mouthfeel.

JEAN GEILER RÉSERVE PARTICULIÈRE CHASSELAS 2008, Alsace (France); #141150; Price: $12.95; 11.7% ABV
I’m used to seeing Chasselas (aka Fendant) from Switzerland, but here’s one from Alsace, where it fills the same role in blending that Trebbiano does in Italy. Aromas of red apple and apricot, some citrus and floral. Crisp acidity, light-to-medium-bodied, with apricot and red apple flavours on a somewhat short finish. Good with cheese, which brought out the fruit flavours in this wine.

QUINTA DE AZEVEDO VINHO VERDE 2008, Portugal; #727115; Price: $11.95; 10.5% ABV
Quite spritzy. Good citrus and red apple aromas that persist on the palate. Light-bodied with lots of acidity, it’s racy. The acidity and citrus flavours complement each other. Would be great with another Portuguese favourite, grilled sardines.

BODEGA J&F LURTON PINOT GRIS 2009, Argentina; #556746; Price: $10.95; 13.0% ABV
Pale straw colour with a pinkish hue. Aromas of citrus, apple, floral, with a bit of almond and strawberry (!). Medium bodied with good acidity, it has citrus and white peach flavours. Moderate length with a touch of harshness at the end.

CATHEDRAL CELLAR SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008; South Africa; #662718; Price: $11.95; 13.0% ABV
Very New Zealand-like in its herbaceousness on the nose: asparagus and green beans, more grassy as it opens up. Citrus and gooseberry aromas and flavours. Medium-bodied with lively acidity. Moderately long finish with good balance. Good value.

ALAMOS TORRONTÉS 2008, Salta (Argentina); # 81539; Price: $13.95; 13.5% ABV
A different style here, perhaps reflecting its northern (warmer) climate.  There's lots of honeysuckle aroma, with tangerine, golden apple, exotic fruits (lychee, mango), almonds, and ginger.  Not much acidity, the flavours of lychee, ginger, and golden apple come through on the palate.  Medium-bodied, oily mouthfeel, good length, somewhat bitter on the finish.  Reminiscent of gewuerztraminer and viognier.

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