Monday, March 7, 2011

Goin' to the Banker and We're Goin' Get Merging

Interesting news out of Santiago. Concha y Toro has bought Mendocino County’s Fetzer Winery. What makes it interesting is that both Concha y Toro and Fetzer have significant organic and (partially) Biodynamic vineyards: Concha y Toro has Emiliana and Fetzer has Bonterra. Bonterra has been organic since 1987 and with sales of 300,000 cases annually; it’s more than three times the size of its nearest organic competitor.  For my posts about Emiliana, click here.

With its purchase of Fetzer, Concha y Toro brings together 2 strong players among organic wines. My bet is that Concha y Toro believes that, someday, all wines will be organic wines.

Fetzer itself is also a leader in sustainable practices and is recognized as an environmental leader, which I’ve written about before.

As a fan of organic and Biodynamic wines, I anticipate that Fetzer and Concha y Toro will learn much from each other.  It's a big vote of confidence in organic wines and a boost to sustainability.

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