Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Regular readers may be wondering where I’ve gone.

We were on a couple of trips in the month of September. Firstly, off to Prince Edward County. This is the relatively new wine region along the shores of Lake Ontario, roughly halfway between Ottawa and Toronto.

Second, we were on a 2½ week hiking tour through the Greek Islands (the Cyclades group to be specific). Had a great time with super weather and inconsistent wine. Well, we got back from Greece on the evening of the 26th.

Unfortunately, the good feelings from that trip disappeared quickly as my father had another heart attack the next morning and died shortly afterwards. He had such a tough go of things in the last year and his quality of life had really gone downhill. He was a tough fighter, though, and I was amazed that he battled through so many setbacks.

Readers of my bio will know that it was my father who introduced me to the pleasure of wine. 

I will devote the next few weeks to dealing with his estate. I already know through friends that settling even a simple estate in Ontario is cumbersome and incredibly bureaucratic.

I’ll be back here eventually.

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