Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vintages Moves in Mysterious Ways

One of My Picks from the January 21 release was LIA'S VINEYARD LONGPLAY PINOT NOIR 2008 from Oregon (#267344).  It was a no show on the release date but I checked Vintages' online inventory again today and there it is.

Well, kind of.  It arrived in small quantities (just 12 gross).  I hope there's more to come or why bother?  And those 12 cases are spread across 17 different stores.  And which stores?  Well, a store in Mississauga gets 2 cases.  A store in Bala gets a case.  Bala?  It's in Muskoka cottage country with a population of "several hundred" according to Wikipedia.  Oregon Pinot Noir must be popular in the Muskokas because a store in Dorset (population 400) gets a case.  2 stores in Oshawa each get a case.  Plus some to Cobourg and Peterborough.  Must have been only one truck available.

Nothing allocated to the GTA.  And the closest store to my home base in Ottawa is 90 minutes away in Cornwall.

Now I'm all for equity in allocating wine across Ontario's vast geography but this smacks of reverse discrimination.  It smacks of something else too but it's Sunday, so I'll keep that unkind thought to myself.

[UPDATE, February 4:  More of LIA'S VINEYARD LONGPLAY PINOT NOIR 2008 has arrived across Ontario, including 2 stores in Ottawa.  I'm off to get mine.]

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  1. To my understanding there is more in the warehouse yet to be allocated to the larger metro areas. Watch for it in the coming days/weeks.

  2. You are right, Todd. More of Lia's Vineyard has arrived!

  3. Brought one of these to a dinner with friends. It was not opened since like any good host and hostess would do, the wine selection was planned. I'm curious to know David if you have tried it and if it is worth chasing more.

    1. I haven't tried the Longplay Pinot Noir, Mitch. It's a Pinot Noir that's made for aging so this one will stay in my cellar for a few more years.