Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lord Knows, I'm Doing My Bit

The LCBO has released the not yet audited results for its latest fiscal year, which ended March 31.  Sales = $4.71 Billion.  That sounds like a lot but it's "only" $450 for every Ontarian over the age of 18.  We're doing more than our share!  
It turned over profits of $1.63 Billion to the Ontario government, which doesn’t include the HST and excise taxes that the LCBO collects from us.  I shudder to think what our taxes would look like without the LCBO!  Or gambling!  The wages of sin, indeed.

This past year is the 17th consecutive year that the LCBO has posted record sales.  And the 18th consecutive year that it has set a new record for money it turns over to the government.  Through lean years and boom years, the LCBO keeps calm and carries on.

There’s some typical corporate self-flattery coming out of LCBO Headquarters, bragging about the strong sales growth shown by Ontario VQA wines and craft beers.  About time, folks.

More puffery here.

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