Friday, May 28, 2010

Chateau D'Aquéria Rosé Tavel 2009

Lately, I've fallen behind on my tasting notes.  Here's one now.

CHÂTEAU D'AQUÉRIA ROSÉ TAVEL 2009, AC Rhone (France); #319368; Price: $18.95; 13.5% ABV

Bright cheery (and cherry) red, the nose immediately reminds me of strawberry Jell-O from my childhood. There are aromas of red cherry, rose notes, and herbs there as well. The strawberry dominates on the palate through to the finish, with some odd tannic bitterness at the back end. Maybe some stems and leaves got into the must? Not quite as much acidity as I like in a rosé and the medium-full body takes me off-guard as well. Overall, it’s a bit soft with sharp edges of acidity here and there, as if the acidity wants to break through but doesn’t quite. Good length. A blend of Bourboulenc (6 %), Clairette (9%), Grenache (52%), Syrah (12%), Mourvèdre (11%), Cinsault (9%), and Picpoul (2%).  The bottle says 13.5% ABV, the Vintages listing says 12.9%.

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