Monday, May 10, 2010

Empty Bladders

The pissing contest between Ottawa Life Magazine (OLM) and the LCBO seems to be (forgive me) petering out. According to OLM’s May issue, the LCBO, regrettably but not surprisingly, has refused to answer questions from OLM about $6 million in management bonuses paid out by the LCBO in 2008, which OLM first raised in its January issue.

Both the LCBO and OLM should climb down off their high horses. The LCBO missed a great chance to show corporate responsibility by answering OLM’s questions. Not doing so certainly leaves the impression that they have something to hide. Mind you, perhaps OLM’s whiny approach and repeated poking of the LCBO in the eye about the bonuses, while demanding a response, has something to do with it.

This time around, OLM has responses on the bonus issue from the Premier’s office (not much comfort for OLM there), and from the Opposition Leader and the NDP Leader. Both Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwath take the opportunity to beat up on the government over financial management in general, but are careful not to be drawn too much into OLM’s obsession over the (relatively) small issue of LCBO’s management bonuses. (OLM certainly tries valiantly to make the connection.) Interestingly, neither Hudak nor Horwath supports privatizing the LCBO. And both want the LCBO to do more to promote Ontario VQA wines. Here! Here!

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  1. Why Ontario does not have private owned and operated VQA wine stores like those in BC is beyond belief.