Monday, June 27, 2011

Everything's Coming Up Rosés - 2011 Edition

Summer arrived last week, which means that rosé wine season is in full swing. I’m a traditionalist: like the BBQ, drinking rosé wine is a summer-only thing. You won’t catch me drinking rosé with Thanksgiving turkey. But while summer is here, I drink rosé and lots of it.

Friends ask me what makes a good rosé. My guidelines are simple:
  1. Drink Youngest Available. Winemakers don’t make rosés for aging. You want the fresh, clean, vibrant flavours that define a good rosé. In 2011, every label of every bottle that you buy should say 2010. LCBO/Vintages have done a much better job this summer of offering only the most recent vintage. But make sure of the vintage before you buy.
  2. Drink Driest Available. This is my personal preference, but dry, crisp rosés are best on hot summer days or warm summer evenings. And they’re a better match with the type of food we eat during the summer: grill, baby, grill.
There’s a wide choice of rosé wines available from LCBO/Vintages. The good news? Although rosé wines may never make anyone’s list of great wines, it’s also difficult to find a bad bottle.  And they're so inexpensive! 

Here are my recommendations:


First up, my favourites from the LCBO. I do prefer Spanish rosés!


LA VIEILLE FERME COTES DU VENTOUX ROSE 2010, #622134; Price: $10.95; 13.5% ABV


CHIVITE GRAN FEUDO ROSE 2010; #165845; Price: $11.95; 13.0% ABV

MARQUES DE CACERES ROSADO 2010; #622142; Price: $12.95; 13.5% ABV

TORRES SANGRE DE TORO ROSE 2010; #233437; Price: $11.95; 13.5% ABV

From Vintages:

Many rosé wines that come through Vintages are gone within a week or two. Here are the better rosés (so far) that should still be available at the larger stores.


FAUSTINO V TEMPRANILLO ROSADO 2010; #700534; Price: $12.95; 13.0% ABV

MUGA ROSÉ 2010; #603795; Price: $12.95; 13.0% ABV


CHÂTEAU VAL JOANIS TRADITION SYRAH ROSÉ 2010, Rhone; #707281; Price: $14.95; 13.0% ABV

GASSIER SABLES D'AZUR ROSÉ 2010, Provence; #33621; Price: $13.95; 12.8% ABV  After re-tasting this one, I've deleted it from the list.  No fruit, no acidity.  A disappointment.

LA BASTIDE BLANCHE BANDOL ROSÉ 2010, Provence; #71084; Price: $21.95; 13.2% ABV

MAS DES BRESSADES CUVÉE TRADITION ROSÉ 2010, Rhone; #950576; Price: $13.95; 13.5% ABV


FLAT ROCK CELLARS PINOT NOIR ROSÉ 2010, VQA; #39974; Price: $16.95; 12.5% ABV

TRUMPOUR'S MILL ROSÉ 2010, VQA; #55046; Price: $14.95; 11.5% ABV


EMILIANA ADOBE RESERVA ROSÉ SYRAH 2010; #229690; Price: $11.95; 14.0% ABV; (organic)

MONTES CHERUB ROSÉ SYRAH 2010; #37887; Price: $14.95; 13.5% ABV

New Zealand:

KIM CRAWFORD PANSY! ROSÉ 2010; #650325; Price: $16.95; 13.5% ABV


PENLEY ESTATE OVER THE MOON ROSÉ 2010; #684316; Price: $17.95; 14.0% ABV

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