Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What You Can Do

Last week, I wrote about the LCBO’s new standard for lightweight bottles that they will implement in 2013.

But do you know there’s something that you can do now to encourage suppliers to use lightweight bottles? It’s easy…buy wines in lightweight bottles!

Now I know what you’re thinking…do I really expect you to stand in the aisle of the LCBO, weighing different bottles, trying to figure out which one weighs the least?

If only there was a list of available wines in lightweight bottles…

There is! Tucked away in the sustainability section on its website, the LCBO has a list of wines that are in lightweight bottles: click here to access the list.  It's pretty much up to date, according to the LCBO.

Not sure why the LCBO doesn’t blow its own horn more on its sustainability efforts. It should feature this list more prominently…or highlight that a wine comes in a lightweight bottle on its website’s “Product Search” feature…but now you know.

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