Saturday, June 25, 2011

François Chartier Talks to Robert Parker

Robert Parker was in Montréal this week.  Parker was in the city to participate in a charity function with tickets at $5,000.

François Chartier, author of Tastebuds and Molecules, snagged some time with Parker and you can find their conversation here.

Like him or not, hero or villain, Parker is the most influential wine critic of the past generation and his opinions are worth listening to, especially on what's changed in 30 years, underappreciated regions, and social media.  (He compares Gary Vaynerchuk to fingernails on a blackboard.  Ouch.)  The audio quality is a bit shaky at times and there are frequent interruptions as other folks say hello to Parker and Chartier.

You get the impression that Parker doesn't know who Chartier is, but when you've spent so long as the Sun King of wine critics, perhaps that's to be expected.

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