Thursday, August 12, 2010


I was down at Vintages this morning, picking up a few bottles, when I came across several bottles of this:

GREATWALL CABERNET SAUVIGNON 1996, China; #133421; Price: $12.95; 12.5% ABV

I've been anxious to try a wine from China, which is often touted as the next big wine region, if you're looking out a generation or two.

The Product Consultant didn't know too much about it. The on-line listing doesn't show a release date, so this seems to have snuck its way onto the shelves.

I gave it a pass (a 14-year old wine from China?) but if anyone else out there has tried it, let us know.

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  1. What a surprise when I read your blog today. Could not believe that a Greatwall wine was being sold at the LCBO. On a trip to China in 2002, I brought back a 1998 Caberner Sauvignon. It was considered to be one of the better wines made in China at that time. Waited six years before trying it figuring that after 10 years it was probably time. Well, if I recall correctly, it was quite chewy with very dry tannins, lacked fruit and had some funky flavours that I prefer not to describe. So, maybe there is a good reason for the 1996 vintage now being made available, it could be finally drinkable. Actually kept the 1998 bottle as a novelty, but now, it may just bring me back 20 cents.

  2. I applaud your courage David! Now was 1996 a good vintage or a great vintage?