Thursday, August 19, 2010

Languedoc Tastings

Notes on some wines tasted (well, more than just tasted) in Languedoc:

Chateau de Mauvanne Rosé 2009, AC Cotes de Provence; 13.5% ABV
A medium coral colour so typical of a Provençal rose. Red fruit aromas, some floral notes with a bit of pepper. The flavour is cherry.  Very refreshing acidity. Medium-bodied. Nicely balanced with a medium length. I’m guessing it’s mostly Grenache with Cinsault.  What a rosé should be.

Le Castellet Rosé 2009, AC Bandol; 14% ABV
A no-name rosé that trades on the caché of the Bandol name. Disappointing. If you like Miller Lite, you’ll like this. Little fruit or acidity. Does that make it well-balanced?

Clos Marie L’Olivette - Pic St Loup 2008, AC Coteaux du Languedoc; 13.5% ABV
A blend of Grenache (52%), Syrah (48%) and Mourvèdre (2%). Aromas of blackberry and cassis, Garrigue (dried herbs), spices, liquorice, leather, and…black olives! Flavours of blackberry and, yes, those black olives. Medium-high tannins and medium acidity. Good length. Delicious!

Divine Justine Rosé 2009, IGP Vins du Pays du Rhone
A blend of Caladou (a cross between Grenache and Cot…aka Malbec), Merlot, and Cabernet. Aromas and flavours of strawberry and cherry. Very refreshing. Made by the Maison de Sade. As in the Marquis de Sade. (IGP means Indication Geographic Protégée, a EU designation that seems to becoming popular with winemakers whose wines don’t qualify for Appellation Contrôlée status.)

Domaine la Colombette 2006, Vin de Pays des Coteaux du Libron (Languedoc); 13% ABV
Aromas and flavours of raspberries, Garrigue, and spices. Both acidity and tannin are very soft and supple. 100% Lladoner Pelut, a Catalan clone of Grenache. Medium finish.

Ermitage du Pic St Loup - Cuvée Sainte Agnès Blanc 2008, AC Languedoc; 12.88% ABV
We tried their red, now here’s their white. Aromas of citrus and quince, white flowers, almonds, and hazelnuts. The fruit flavours dominate on the palate. Medium acidity; smooth mouthfeel. Very good; we like these guys. A blend of Roussanne (50%), Clairette (20%), Marsanne (15%), and Grenache Blanc (15%).

Grand Enclos de Riffat 1994, AC Pomerol; 12% ABV
Interesting. Bricky ruby in colour. Faded aromas of cassis and blackberry, supplanted by cedar and pencil shavings, as well some spices. The fruit comes through more on the flavour but is short on the finish. Soft tannins and medium acidity. Light-bodied by today’s measures. Very supple.  Thanks, Bob!

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